Thoughts on Rust and other updates

I noticed that the last blog entry is over an year old now and decided to post some updates.  Work and life has kept me very busy.   Finally successfully switched over blog to HTTPS using Let’s Encrypt.  Was also thinking of trying out Nginx instead of Apache but then again, Apache has worked well for me so why fix something that is not broken?

Have some interesting projects in the pipeline.  Stay tuned for an interesting F# project that I hope to open-source soon.

Also played around a bit with Rust. Rust is a fine language but I think needs to mature a little bit.  For example,  easy access to CPU SIMD intrinsics is something I want from a low-level systems language.  I am also hoping that the ARM targets become tier 1 soon.  Then again, that may not be a question of maturity but rather of language direction and priorities.

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