DirectX 12 needs to deliver on compute

DirectX 12 will be unveiled soon. Given that DirectCompute forms the core of MS GPGPU computing stack (such as powering their C++ AMP implementation), I really hope that DirectCompute 12 delivers on the compute side. Unlike OpenCL, DirectCompute has had the massive advantage of good integration into a graphics API and that is why we have seen DirectCompute being adopted into 3D apps such as games where OpenCL really wasn’t. However, DirectCompute has fallen behind the times with little support for modern GPU features. This, in turn, hurts GPGPU solutions such as MS implementation of C++ AMP. Five things that I am hoping to see:

1. Support for shared memory architecture eliminating CPU-GPU data transfers where possible and also allowing platform-level atomics. This will be beneficial for everything from mobile (where SoCs rule the roost and discrete GPUs basically don’t exist) to servers.

2. Exposing multiple command queues per GPU, thus allowing concurrent execution of kernels

3. Launching GPU kernels from within GPU kernels.

4. Stable low-level bytecode that is more suitable as a target for high level compilers. D3D 11 has a bytecode, but ISVs are not given the proper specification and discouraged from using it.  This needs to be opened up to enable third-party compilers for high-level languages

5. Compatibility with Windows 8

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