Geekbench 3 IPC

Geekbench 3 is one of the better benchmarks out there for comparing mobile CPU performance. It contains a variety of tests and reports a cumulated single-core score, and a multi-core score. One way of analyzing processors is to get an idea of per-cycle performance. For this, I took the single-core scores for various processors and divided by the reported clock frequency to obtain the following metric: Geekbench 3 Single-core score/ GHz.

I report the results in the table below. There can be many implementations of a given ARM core in different chipsets, and the same chipset can also perform slightly differently in different devices. I report the device from which I got the scores. Even so, computations are very approximate and based on rough averages of geekbench 3 scores from different users as reported on the Geekbench browser.

Here it is:

CPU core Device(s) Score/GHz
Cortex A7 Moto G 280
Scorpion Galaxy S2 X (T989D) 250
Cortex A9 Galaxy S2 (i9100) 290
Krait 200 HTC One S, Xperia ZL 330
Krait 300 Moto X 390
Krait 400 Nexus 5, LG G2 405
Cortex A15 Nvidia Shield 480
Apple A6 iPhone 5c 540
Apple A7 (32-bit) iPhone 5s 800
Apple A7 (64-bit) iPhone 5s 1050

Note that for Scorpion, reported frequency was 1.5GHz but I have never seen it go above 1.242 GHz on some devices I used previously so I used 1.242GHz as the frequency.

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