Fashion and buzzwords in software industry

As I get somewhat older, I have come to the realization that attempting to keep track of all the buzzwords and current fashions in the software industry is counterproductive to actual work. At some point, I have to draw a line. Trends, programming styles, languages and APIs all come and go.

It is important to keep oneself updated, but like anything else, it should be done in moderation. It is also perhaps more important to get better at fundamental computer science ideas than necessarily knowing 10 APIs to do the same thing.

Anyway, I intend to a bit more selective about which technologies I learn, focusing on a few at any given point of time. The idea is not to stand still, but rather to have a focus period bigger than a goldfish. For rest of 2014, I have made a much bigger learning list about fundamental CS ideas and a much shorter list of “technologies”. I will keep posting about some of the books I am reading.

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