Qt Creator on Windows

I have been using Qt Creator on Linux for a while now for my C++ based projects. Qt Creator has a nice editor with fairly speedy autocomplete and good refactoring support.  I typically use CMake and Qt Creator has decent support for CMake under both Windows and Linux and also has decent integration with tools like mercurial. On WIndows, however, I was using Visual Studio (either 2010 or 2013 depending on the project dependencies) for C++. While VS has a nice debugger, its editing and refactoring functionality  for C++ is quite behind Qt Creator in my experience.  I finally got around to using Qt Creator on WIndows, even for non-Qt projects and I find that it offers the same great experience on Windows. The install process was pretty painless and Qt Creator detected all my tools (various VS versions, CMake binary etc.).

Kudos to Digia and Qt Project for the great tools. I am constantly amazed at the quality of work they put out. I only use VS now for occasionally debugging.  Thoughts welcome.

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